77th session of the Indian History Congress


The Indian History Congress is the major national organisation of Indian historians, and has occupied this position since its founding session under the name of Modern History Congress, held at Poona in 1935. In his address the organisation's first President, Professor Shafaat Ahmad Khan called upon Indian historians to study all aspects of history, rather than only political history and to emphasize the integrative factors in the past. Its name was then changed to Indian History Congress's from its second session held in 1938, and three section, 1. Ancient, 2. Medieval and 3. Modern were created for simultaneous discussions. Ever since 1938 the organisation has been able regularly to hold its sessions each year, except for certain years of exceptional national crises.

It held its 77th annual session at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, on 28-30 December 2016. It has at present over 7,000 ordinary and life member.

The Indian History Congress has national registration and its aims and objects as recorded in its Memorandum of Association are as follows:-
- Promotion and encouragement of the scientific study of Indian History.

- Holding Congresses and publishing of the Proceedings, Bulletins, Memoirs, Journals and other works.

- Co-operation with other organisations in India and aborad holding similar objects.

- Encouragement to the formation of State organisations to be affiliated to the central body.

- The management and disposal of funds, property and endowments for the purposes stated above.

- Performance of all other acts conducive to the fulfilment of the aims and objects of the Association.

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