Synonym Set - I


1. Peevish - Easily irritated or annoyed; चिड़चिड़ा
2. Cranky - fractious, grumpy, snappy ( रोचक), waspish; विचित्र; झगड़ालु ; तुनकमिजाज़
3. Machination (चालबाज़ी) - To plot evilly for personal gain;
Conspiracy, skullduggery ( ठगी), scheme, ruse ( दगा), manoeuvre ( तिकड़म)
4. Mountebank (कपटी विक्रेता)- Someone who deceives others especially to rob them of their money
Fraudster, impostor (पाखण्डी), hoaxer ( शरारती), trickster ( मक्कार), charlatan( ढोंगी)
5. Apocryphal ( संदिग्ध प्रमाण)- Something whose authenticity is questionable irrespective of its wide circulation
Debatable, fabricated, fictitious (फ़र्ज़ी), dubious, unsubstantiated
6.Ersatz (कृत्रिम वस्तु) - An artificial substance used as a substitute to a natural one, often inferior
Adulterated, fabricated, spurious ( मिथ्या), unnatural, synthetic
7. Archetype (मूलरूप आदर्श) - A model on which all others in the same category are based
Epitome ( प्रतिमान), prototype, standard, exemplar (प्रतिमान), paradigm, paragon ( मिसाल).
8. Hyperbole ( अतिशयोक्ति) - An extravagant statement not meant to be taken literally
Amplification, exaggeration, embellishment (अंलकार), magnification, overstatement (अतिशयोक्तिपूर्ण कथन).
9. Redundant (अनावश्यक) - Surplus, more than what is required
Disposable, dispensable, superfluous, inessential, expendable
10. Hermit (तपस्वी)- One who has withdrawn to a solitary life or religious seclusion.
Ascetic, saint, austere, puritanical (नैतिकतावादी), abstinent (संयमी)
11. Cajole (मनाना)- To persuade by buttering up or making promises.
Flatter, tempt, beguile (मोहित करना), sweet-talk, compliment
12. Espionage - The act of spying (by the government or otherwise)
Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (जासूसी देख-भाल), spying, tailing.
13. Restive (अधीर) - Unable to remain still, especially because of boredom or dissatisfaction
Agitated, anxious, fidgety (बेचैन), jittery (हैरान), impatient, restless
14. Brazen (बेशर्म)- Shameless or impudent
Blatant, unashamed, unabashed (अचल), barefaced, unrepentant (बेरहम).
15. Accolade ( पुरस्कार) – An honour
Acclaim, award, commendation, laurel ( प्रतिष्ठा), laudation (स्तुति).
16. Harbinger ( अग्रदूत) - A person or thing which signals the approach of another
Announcer, forerunner, forewarning ( पूर्वसूचना), herald (सूचना देना), prelude (आरंभ करना).
17. Bizarre(अनोखा) - Very strange or unusual
Eccentric, aberrant (पथभ्रष्ट), ludicrous (हास्यास्पद), peculiar, weird(अजीब), odd
18. Parochial (संकीर्ण) - Having a limited or narrow outlook
Conservative, myopic, intolerant, narrow-minded, illiberal
19. Sanguine (उत्साही) - Cheerfully positive and confident
Buoyant, enthusiastic, optimistic, animated, hopeful
20. Magnanimous (उदार) - Large-hearted or forgiving
Altruistic, generous, bounteous (उदार), philanthropic, liberal
21. Sublime (अवर्णनीय) - Extreme and unparalleled
Elevated, exalting, magnificent, resplendent (देदीप्यमान), splendid
22. Restraint -A measure to keep something/someone under control
Constraint, inhibition, judiciousness ( दूरदर्शिता), prohibition, temperateness
23.Trepidation ( कंपकंपी) - Tremulous fear or agitation
Alarm, apprehension, foreboding (अपशकुनी), consternation ( घबराहट), discomposure ( व्याकुलता).
24.Imperturbable (अविचलित) - Incapable of being upset or agitated
Nonchalant ( बेपरवाह), phlegmatic (निरुत्साह), relaxed, tranquil, undisturbed
25. Congenial ( अनुरूप) - Agreeable and pleasing in nature or character
Comradely ( दोस्ताना), friendly, companionable, hospitable, favourable
26. Strident (कर्कश) - Making or having a harsh sound
Discordant (बेसुरा), rasping ( कर्कश), raucous (भारी आवाज), vociferous (कोलाहलपूर्ण), clamorous (कोलाहलमय), loud
27. Egalitarian - समतावादी -Asserting equality for all people
Democratic, classless, equalitarian, unrestricted, uncensored
28. Confluence ( संगम) The place where two or more water bodies meet
Conflux (संप्रवाह), convergence, junction, meeting, union
29. Diabolic (दुष्ट) - Having the qualities of the devil
Demonic, devilish, fiendish (नीच), infernal (नारकीय), satanic (शैतानी), evil
30. Lavish (व्ययशील) - Occurring or happening in profusion
Expensive, extravagant, luxuriant, opulent, prodigal (अतिव्ययी)
31. Insolent ( ढीठ) - Boldly rude or disrespectful
Abusive, audacious, discourteous, offensive, contemptuous
32. Vagrant (घुमक्कड़) - A person who wanders about idly and is homeless and jobless
Nomadic, itinerant (यायावर), derelict (आवारा), unsettled, vagabond (खाना बदोश).
33. Gregarious (मिलनसार) - Fond of the company of other people
Affable, amiable, sociable, genial( मिलनसार), neighbourly
34. Vivacious (ज़िंदादिल) - Full of vigour and energy
Bubbly (उत्साहित), chirpy, effervescent (उत्साही व अति अनुरागी), energetic, animated
35. Enigma (पहेली)- An inexplicable person or situation
Conundrum, mystery, paradox, quandary ( असमंजस), puzzle
36. Lecherous (कामुक) - Characterised by inappropriate behaviour
Intemperate, indecent, licentious ( अनैतिक), promiscuous ( स्वच्छंद), unchaste
37. Ambivalent (उभयभावी) - Having mixed feelings about someone or something
Undecided, hesitant, reluctant ( असन्तुष्ट), irresolute (अनिश्चित), inconclusive
38. Blasphemy (ईश-निन्दा) - Impure action or words concerning something religious or sacred
Irreligiousness, disrespect, irreverence, profanity (अधर्मता), sacrilege (अपवित्रीकरण).
39. Assuage ( शान्त करना) - To make milder or less severe
Moderate, appease, attenuate ( दुर्बल होना), tranquilize, temper
40. Lugubrious ( विषादमय) - Extremely sad and depressed
Despondent ( निराश), mournful, doleful, melancholy, woebegone (दुखी).

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