Root Words


Some Latin Roots

Equus, equal: equal, equator, equivalent, adequate.
Ager, afield : agriculture, agrarian.
Ago, actus, I do : agent, agile, active, actor.
Aus,another : alien, aliquot, alias, alibi.
Amo,I love : amiable, amateur, amorous, inimical.
Angulus, a corner : angle, triangle.
Anima, life; animus, mind : animal, animate, unanimous, magnanimous,
Annus, a year : annual, biennial, perennial.
Aperio, apertus, I open : aperture, April.
Aqua, water : aquatic, aquarium, aqueduct.
Appello, I call: appeal, repeal
Ars, artis, art : artist, artisan, artifice.
Audio, I hear : audible, audience, auditor.
Bellum, war : belligerent, rebel, rebellious.
Bene, well: benefit, benevolent, benefactor.
Brevis, short: brevity, abbreviate, abridge.
Caedo, caesus, I cut, kill: suicide, homicide, concise,
Candeo, I shine: candle, candid, candour, incandescent.
Capio, captus, I take : captive, capacious, accept.
Caput, capitis, the head : capital, decapitate, captain.
Caro, carnis, flesh : carnivorous, carnage.
Cedo cessum, I go, yield : concede, proceed, accede.
Centrum, centre : eccentric, centralize, concentrate.
Centum, a hundred : cent, century, centipede.
Cerno, cretus, I distinguish : discern, discreet.
Civis, citizen : civil, civilize.
Clamo, I shout: clamour, claim, exclaim.
Claudo clausus, I shut: exclude, conclude, closet.
Colo, cultus, I till; colony, culture, cultivate, agriculture.
Cor, cordis, the heart: core, cordial, concord, discord, accord, courage.
Corpus, the body : corpse, corps, corporation, corpulent.
Credo, I believe : creed, credible, credence, miscreant.
Cresco, I grow : increase, decrease, crescent.
Crux, a cross : crucify, crusade.
Culpa, a fault: culprit, culpable.
Cura, care : curator, sinecure, accurate, secure, incurable.
Deus, God : deity, deify, divine.
Dico, dictus I say : dictation, contradict, predict, verdict. .
Dies, a day : diary, daily, meridian.
Do, datus, I give : add, date, tradition, addition, condition.
Doceo, doctus, I teach : docile, doctrine.
Dominus, a lord : dominion, dominant.
Duco, ductus, I lead : adduce, conduit, product, education.
Duo, two : dual, duel, double, duplicate, duodecimal.
Durus, hard lasting : durable, obdurate, duration.
Eo, itum, I go : exit, circuit, transition, ambition.
Esse, to be : essence, essential, present, absent.
Facio, I make : fabric, counterfeit, manufacture.
Fero, latus, I carry : infer, confer, refer, relate.
Fido, I trust: confide, infidel, defy.
Finis, an end : finite, infinite, confine.
Flecto flexus, I bend : inflict, inflexible, reflection.
Forma, a form : formal, deformed, reform.
Fortis, strong : fort, fortress, fortify, fortitude, reinforce.
Frango, fractus, I break : fragment, fragile, fraction, infringe.
Frater, a brother; fraternal, fratricide.
Frons, frontis, forehead : front, affront, frontier, confront.
Fugio, 1 flee : fugitive, refugee, refuge, subterfuge.
Fundo, fusus, I pour : profuse, diffuse, confuse, refund.
Fundus, the bottom : found, foundation, profound, fundamental, founder.
Gens, gentis, a race : congenial, indigenous.
Gradior, grassus, I go: grade, degrade, transgress, progress.
Gratia, favour : gratitude, gratis, ingratiate, grateful.
Gravis, heavy : gravity, gravitation, grief, grievous.
Habeo, I have : habit, habitable, habituate, exhibit, inhabit, prohibit.
Homo, a man : homage, homicide, human, humane.
Impero, I command: imperative, imperial, emperor, empire.
Jacio, jactus, I throw: ejaculate, reject.
Judex, judicis, a judge: judicial, judgment, judicious, prejudice.
Jungo, junctus, I join: junction, conjunction, juncture.
Labor, lapsus, I glide, lapse, collapse, relapse, elapse.
Laus, laudis, praise: laudable, laudatory.
Lego, lectus, I gather, read : collect, neglect, select.
Lego, legatus, I send : delegate, legation.
Levis, light: levity, alleviate, elevate, leaven.
Lex, legis, a law : legal, legislate, legitimate, loyal.
Liber, free : liberal, libertine, deliver.
Ligo, I bind : ligature, ligament, religion, league, obligation.
Litera, a letter : literal, literary, literate, literature.
Locus, a place : local, locality, locomotive.
Loquor, locutus, I speak : loquacious, elocution, eloquence.
Ludo, lusum, I play : elude, delude, ludicrous
Lumen, a light: luminous, luminary.
Luo, lutus, I wash : lotion, ablution, deluge, dilute, pollute.
Lux, lucis, light: lucid, elucidate.
Magnus, great: major, mayor, magnate, magnify, magnitude.
Malus, bad : malady, malice, maltreat, malaria.
Manus, hand : manuscript, amanuensis, manual.
Mare, the sea : marine, mariner, submarine, maritime.
Mater, a mother : maternal, matriculate, matron, matrimony.
Medius, the middle : medium, mediate.
Memor, mindful: memory, memorable, memoir.
Miles, militis, a soldier : military, militia, militant.
Mitto, missus, I send : admit, missionary, promise.
Moneo monitus, I advise : monitor, admonish.
Mons, montis, a mountain : mount, dismount, surmount.
Moveo, motus, I move : motor, motion, commotion, promote
Multus, many; multitude, multiple.
Munus, muneris, a gift : munificent, remunerate.
Navis, a ship : navy, nautical.
Noceo, I hurt: innocent, noxious, nuisance.
Novus, new : novel, novice, innovation.
Nox, noctis, night: nocturnal, equinox.
Omnis, all : omnipotent, omnipresent, omnibus.
Pando, passus, I spread out: expand, compass, trespass.
Pars, partis, a part: part, partial, particle.
Pater, a father : paternal, patron, patrimony.
Patior, passus, I suffer : passive, patient.
Pello, pulsus, I drive : compel, expel, repel.
Pendeo, pensum, I hang : depend, suspend.
Pes, pedis, a foot: biped, quadruped, pedestrian, pedestal.
Peto, petitus, I seek : petition, competition, impetuous.
Pleo, I fill: complete, replete, replenish, supplement.
Pono, positus, I place : position, preposition, composition.
Porto, I carry : portable, portmanteau, import, export.
Primus, first: primary, primitive, prince, premier, principal.
Probo, I try : probation, probable, approval.
Puto, putatus, I cut, think : amputate, dispute, compute.
Rapio, raptus. I seize : rapacious, ravenous.
Rego, rectus, I rule : regal, regent, correct, regulate.
Rumpo, ruptus, I break : rupture, rout, bankrupt, eruption.
Sanctus, holy : sanctuary, sanctify, saint.
Scio, I know: science, conscience, omniscience.
Scribo, scriptus, I write: describe, scribble, postscript, inscription, manuscript.
Seco, I cut: bisect, dissect, sickle.
Sentio, I feel: sentiment, sensation, nonsense, sensual.
Sequor, secutus, I follow: sequel, sequence, consequence, prosecute, execute.
Servio, I serve: servant, serf, service, servitude.
Signum, a sign: signal, significant, design.
Similis, tike: similar, dissimilar, resemblance.
Solvo, solutus, I loose: solution, resolution, absolve, dissolve, resolve.
Specio, spectus, I see: specimen, spectator, suspicion.
Spiro, I breathe: aspire, conspire, inspire, expire.
Stringo, strictus, I bind: stringent, strict, restrict.
Struo, structus, I build: structure, construction.
Sumo, sumptus, I take: assume, presume, resume.
Tango, tactus, I touch: tangent, contact, contagion.
Tempus, temporis, time: tense, temporal, contemporary.
Tendo, tensus, I stretch: tend, contend, attend, extend.
Teneo, tentus, I hold: tenant, tenure, content, retentive.
Terminus, an end: term, terminate, determination.
Terra, the earth: inter, subterranean, terrestrial.
Texo, textus, I weave: textile, texture, context.
Torqueo, tortus, I twist: distort, torture, torment.
Traho, tractus, I draw: contract, abstract, portrait.
Tribuo, I give: tribute, contribute.
Unus, one: union, unique, unanimous.
Valeo, I am well: valid, invalid, equivalent, valiant.
Venio, I come: venture, adventure, convene, prevent.
Verbum, a word: verb, adverb, proverb, verbose, verbal.
Verto, versus, I turn: convert, converse, reverse, diversion.
Verus, true: verify, verdict, aver, veracious.
Video, visus, I see: vision, surve. evident, television.
Vinco, victus, I conquer: victor, invincible, convince.
Vivo, victum, I live: vivid, vivacious, revive, survive.
Voco, vocatus, I call: vocal, vocation, vociferous, invoke, revoke.
Volo, I wish: voluntary, benevolent, malevolence.
Volvo, I roll: revolve, involve, revolution.
Voro, I eat: voracious, omnivorous, carnivorous, devour.
Voveo, votus, I vow: vote, devote, devotee, votary.
Vulgus, the common people: vulgar, divulge.

Some Greek Roots

Ago, I lead: demagogue, pedagogue, stratagem.
Agon, a contest: agony, antagonist.
Anthropos, a man: anthropology, misanthrope, philanthropist.
Aster, astron, a star: asterisk, astronomy, astrology.
Autos, self: autocrat, autograph, autonomy, autobiography.
Biblos, a book; Bible, bibliography, bibliomaniac.
Bios, life: biology, biography.
Chole, bile: choleric, melancholy.
Chronos, lime: chronicle, chronology, chronometer, chronic.
Deka, ten: decagon, decade.
Demos, the people: democracy, demagogue, epidemic.
Doxa, opinion .- orthodox, dogmatic.
Gamos, marriage: monogamy, bigamy, polygamy.
Geo, the earth: geology, geography, geometry.
Gonia, an angle: diagonal, polygon, hexagon.
Grapho, I write: biography, telegraph, telegram, phonograph.
Helios, the sun: heliograph, heliotrope.
Hippos, a horse: hippopotamus, hippodrome.
Hodos, a way: period, method, episode.
Homos, the same: homogeneous, homonym.
Hudor, water: hydrogen, hydrophobia, hydrant.
Idios, one's own: idiot, idiom, idiosyncrasy.
Isos, equal: isosceles.
Kosmos, the world: cosmopolite.
Kratos, strength: democrat, autocrat, aristocrat, plutocrat
Kuklos, a circle: cycle, cyclone, encyclopaedia.
Lithos, a stone: lithography, aerolite.
Logos, a word, speech: dialogue, catalogue, astrology.
Luo, I loosen: analysis, paralysis.
Meter, a mother; metropolis.
Metron, a measure: thermometer, barometer.
Mikros, little: microscope.
Monos, alone: monarch, monopoly.
Nomos, a, law: astronomy, economy, autonomy.
Ode, a song: prosody, parody.
Onoma, a name: anonymous, synonymous.
Orthos, right: orthodoxy, orthography.
Pan, all: pantheist, pantomime, panacea.
Pathos, feeling: pathetic, sympathy, antipathy,.
Petra, a rock: petrify, petroleum.
Phileo, I love: philosophy, philanthropy.
Phone, a sound: phonograph, telephone.
Phos, photos, light; phosphorus, photograph.
Phrasis, a speech: paraphrase, phraseology.
Poleo, I make: poem, onomatopoeia.
Polis, a city: police, policy, politic, metropolis
Polus, many: polygamy, polygon.
Poiis, podos, afoot: antipodes, tripod.
Rheo, I flow: rheumatic, diarrhoea, catarrh.
Skopeo, I see: telescope, microscope.
Sophia, wisdom: philosopher, sophist.
Techne, an art: technical, architect, pyrotechnics.
Tele, afar: telegraph, telegram, telephone, telescope, telepathy, telemail.
Temno, I cut: anatomy, epitome.
Theos, a god: theism, theology, theosophy.
Thermos, warm: thermometer.
Thesis, a placing: hypothesis, synthesis, parenthesis.
Treis, three: triangle, tripod, trinity.
Tupos, impression: type, stereotype, electrotype.
Zoon, an animal: zoology, zodiac.

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