Motivational Tips


As a teaching group - All our effort is to channelize your energy in right direction.

What is right direction to you?

It contents three ingredients -
(i) Right Content (सामग्री)
(ii) Right Mode of Study (अध्धन विधि)
(iii) Right Consciousness (चेतना)
What is Right Content?

(a) Authentic source i.e. Govt. reports – Eco. Survey, Budget
RBI’s Report, Reports of International Organisations – WTO, IMF World Bank etc.
Indices -  HDR, HRI, Ease of Doing Business Index,

(b) Books – NCERT, Mishra & Puri, etc.
(Don’t read whole book – know important chapters – important sub-topic)

(c) Class notes is sacrosanct – a Bible, a Gita, a Quran
- As it is the most targeted material for exam
- Most understood matter
- Easy to revise
- Sole of the subject – You may build –up a body of language over it.

(d) Notes of an Institute – To supplement your class notes
What is Right Mode of Study?

- Thinking mode - active reading 
- Question to answer 
- Find out issues involve 
-Find out problem and its solution
-Use logical reasoning
-Not only knowledge but knowledge for what purpose – How it is useful for Exam.

What is Right Consciousness?

- Visualise your goal frequently
- Efficient use of time
- Follow the strategy
- Use your strength

Use of this approach - prevent deviation 
                                        - Give confidence
                                        - Leadership quality - every answer is a decision.

Finally...... you need sharp memory and logic for preliminary exam
appropriate knowledge arranged in perfect language for main exams.


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