Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations ( ICRIER)


Established in August 1981, ICRIER is an autonomous, policy-oriented, not-for-profit, economic policy think tank. ICRIER’s main focus is to enhance the knowledge content of policy making by undertaking analytical research that is targeted at informing India’s policy makers and also at improving the interface with the global economy.
ICRIER’s office is located in New Delhi. ICRIER’s Board of Governors include leading academicians, policymakers, and representatives from the private sector.
ICRIER conducts thematic research in the following eight thrust areas:
 -Macro Management Financial Liberalisation and Regulation
- Global Competitiveness of Agriculture, Manufacturing and Services
- Multilateral Trade Negotiations and FTAs
- Urban Transition and Challenges
- Climate Change and Sustainable Development
- Physical Infrastructure including Telecom, Transport and Energy
- Asian Economic Integration with Focus on South Asia
- Entrepreneurship and Skill Development
To effectively disseminate research findings, ICRIER organises workshops, seminars and conferences to bring together academicians, policymakers, representatives from industry and media to create a more informed understanding on issues of major policy interest. ICRIER routinely invites distinguished scholars and policymakers from around the world to deliver public lectures and give seminars on economic themes of interest to contemporary India.

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