Index of Industrial Production (IIP)


IIP number or IIP data (Index of Industrial Production) is a measurement which represents the status of production in the industrial sector for a given period of time compared to a reference period of time. IIp number is one of the best statistical data, which helps us to measure the level of industrial activity in Indian economy. Please note that IIP data is a short-term indicator of our industrial growth till the actual results from Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) is published. IIP data is a very important indicator to the Government for planning purposes and is also used by various organisations like Industrial Associations, Research Institutes, Financial Institues and Academicians.

How IIP Data is formed?

IIP data is a simple index which provides information about the growth of different sectors of our economy like mining, electricity, Manufacturing & General. The IIP index reflects the growth in India’s industrial activity and excludes all kinds of services.

Use-Based Classification

Another classification is use-based (consumption based), where IIP is classified on the base of use like Basic Goods, Capital goods, Intermediate goods and consumer goods.

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