Inclusiveness and Accessibility Index of India


Government of India launches ‘Inclusiveness and Accessibility Index’ to mark the next step of its flagship Campaign, the ‘Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan’. The Index, prepared in collaboration with The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) was launched in March 2016. The Index helps the industries and corporates to participate in the Accessible India Campaign (AIC) by voluntarily evaluating their readiness for making the workplace accessible for Persons with Disabilities. 
The Index toolkit aims at assessing the current stage of inclusiveness and accessibility of persons with disabilities by an organisation. It can also act as a guide for taking progressive steps to increase support, inclusiveness and accessibility towards persons / employees with disabilities. The toolkit is based on research, and the best examples and experiences of organisations that have taken initiatives to increase accessibility of persons with disabilities and have benefited from such initiatives. The study will prioritize constructing the Accessibility Index for corporates to measure sensitivity towards persons with disabilities which will benchmark corporates operating in a given sector with their national peers. Extensive stakeholder consultations with NGOs and corporate sector will be held to ensure that the Index accommodates wide-ranging views of all stakeholders and is a robust document. At the second stage, the study will examine the role of state and NGOs in creating an enabling environment and executing the intent of regulations in promoting accessibility of disabled persons.
The absorption and recognition of the Index by the Corporate Sector and public sector organisations will benefit them immensely by –
- Being the benchmark
- Take Progressive steps to increase support
- Fully utilise diverse talent pool
- Reduce employee turnover, increase employee loyalty and increase morale and productivity of other employees in the organisation.
- Create a positive brand image.
- Expand customer base through new products and services.
- Enhance shareholder value.
- Above all, the Inclusiveness and Accessibility Index shall promote human dignity and social cohesion where all citizens have equal access to opportunities to fully realise their potential.

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