IFCI Venture Capital Funds Ltd.


IFCI Venture Capital Funds Ltd. (IFCI Venture) was established as a Risk Capital Foundation (RCF) in 1975 by the IFCI Ltd., a society to provide financial assistance to first generation professionals and technocrat entrepreneurs for setting up own ventures through soft loans, under the Risk Capital Scheme. 

In 1988, RCF was converted into a company, Risk Capital and Technology Finance Corporation Ltd. (RCTC), when it also introduced the Technology Finance and Development Scheme for financing development and commercialisation of indigenous technology. Besides, under Risk Capital Scheme, RCTC started providing financial assistance to entrepreneurs by way of direct equity participation. Based on IFCI Venture's credentials and strengths, Unit Trust of India (UTI), entrusted RCTC with the management of a new venture capital fund named Venture Capital Unit Scheme (VECAUS-III) in 1991. The size of VECAUS-III was Rs.80 Crores, contributed by UTI and IFCI. To reflect the shift in the company's activities, the name of RCTC was changed to IFCI Venture Capital Funds Ltd. (IFCI Venture) in February 2000.

In order to focus on Asset Management Activities, IFCI Venture discontinued Risk Capital and Technology Finance Scheme(s) in 2000-01 and continued managing VECAUS-III. In 2007, as UTI had ceased to carry out its activities and its assets vested with Specified Undertaking of the Unit Trust of India (SUUTI), the portfolio of VECAUS-III under management of IFCI Venture was transferred to SUUTI.

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