How and What to Read Newspaper for UPSC Civil Services


How to Read?

1.     Understand your reading purpose
2.     Skim the headlines first
3.     Read the preview
4.     Choose the correct place to read your paper
5.     Decide what all sections you will read and what you will skip
6.     Connect what you read with USPC syllabus

What to read?
1.     Issues related to governance, the opinions of eminent personalities on the way government should function
2.     Pros and cons of the topics that are making headlines which relate to the syllabus
3.     Any recent disaster occurrence anywhere in the world
4.     International news if it is affecting India in any way
5.     News about India’s neighbours and how India is affected/ India’s say
6.     Recent economic developments are done by the Government of India, RBI , international organisations or Central banks of other important countries. Do not read the economy news related to the private enterprises
7.     New developments in India in the field of Science and Technology, say Space mission , Missile development or newly developed vaccination etc.
8.     News regarding the environment, says The Paris Summit, India’s Goals etc.
What not to read?
1.     The political statements regarding the political parties
2.     The state news, city news
3.     Read the front page very selectively
4.     Articles related to philosophy/ relationships etc
5.     Sports
6.     The extra magazines that are attached
This would save a lot of time.

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