Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA) Scheme


The DFIA is issued to allow duty free import of inputs, with a minimum value addition requirement of 20%. DFIA shall be exempted only from the payment of basic customs duty. DFIA shall be issued on post export basis for products for which SION has been notified. Separate schemes exist for gems and jewellery sector for which FTP may be referred. Similarly, for items where a higher value addition has been prescribed under Advance Authorisation Scheme, the same value addition for DFIA shall be applied. 
(a) Provisions of paragraph 4.1.3 shall be applicable in case of DFIA. However, these Authorisations shall be issued only for products for which Standard Input and Output Norms (SION) have been notified. 
(b) DFIA shall be issued in accordance with Policy and procedure in force on date of issue of Authorisation. 
(c) In case of post export DFIA, a merchant exporter shall be required to mention only name (s) and address(s) of manufacturer(s) of the export product(s). Applicant is required to file application to concerned RA before effecting exports under DFIA.
(d) Pre-export Authorisation shall be issued with actual user condition and shall be exempted from payment of basic customs duty, additional customs duty / excise duty, education cess, anti-dumping duty and safeguard duty, if any. 
(e) In case of actual user DFIA and where CENVAT credit facility on inputs have been availed for the exported goods, even after completion of export obligation, the goods imported against such DFIA shall be utilized in the manufacture of dutiable goods whether within the same factory or outside (by a supporting manufacturer).

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