Comparison of Adverbs - Rules


1. Some Adverts, like Adjectives, have three degrees of comparison. Such Adverbs are generally compared like Adjectives.
2. If the Adverb is of one syllable, we form the Comparative by ending ‘er’, and the
Superlative by adding est, to the Positive:
Fast -- faster -- fastest
Haid -- harder -- hardest
Long -- longer -- longest
Soon -- sooner -- soonest
3. Adverbs ending in ‘ly’ form the Comparative by adding more and the Superlative by
adding most:
Swiftly -- more swiftly -- most swiftly
Skilfully -- more skillfully -- most skillfully
4. It will be noticed that only Adverbs of Manner, Degree, and Time admit of comparison.
Many Adverbs, from their nature, cannot be compared:
Now, then, where, there, once.
5. Some of the commonest Adverbs form their Comparative and Superlative Degrees irregularly.
Positive -- Comparative -- Superlative
badly -- worse -- worst
Well -- better -- best
Much -- more -- most
Little -- less -- least
Late -- later -- last

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