Alternative technologies for a climate change resilient India (Essay Paper - IAS Exam 2018)


Alternative technologies for a climate change resilient India
जलवायु परिवर्तन के प्रति सुनम्य भारत हेतु वैकल्पिक तकनीके

Nature of the topic: This is an explanatory kind of essay.

In general, an essay is composed of three constituents – introduction, main body, and conclusion. Let us put this essay in this structural framework -

Language of introduction should reflect the opening of your mind on the topic. Here, introduction should start with the definition of ‘alternative technology’. Include what major alternative technologies are used in India. What are role played by alternative technology in climate change scenario in India to show the resilient mood of India.

Main body
Language of main body should indicate originality of thought and expression. Here, discuss in detail various alternative technologies area wise, the extent of their use, impact of their use, agencies involved to promote them, and the international cooperation, if any.

Language of conclusion should reflect the closing remarks on the topic. Some conclusive statements are very effective. If possible, they can be supported by a quotation or statement af any great personality. 
Main Body Structure of This Topic

Under the Main Body of this essay following alternative technologies in different areas may be included -
(A) Fuel and Energy
(i) Solar Energy
(ii) Wind Energy
(iii)Geothermal Energy
(iv) Hydroelectric Energy
(v) Ocean Energy
(vi) Hydrogen Energy
(vii) Anaerobic digestion / Biogas
(viii) Fuel cells
(ix) Landfill gas extraction from landfills
(x) Nuclear Power
(xi) Fuels for automobiles
    (a) Alcohol (either ethanol or methanol)
    (b) Biodiesel
    (c) Vegetable oil
    (d) Biomass to liquid
    (e) Natural Gas
    (f) Electricity
(B) Housing
(i) Rat-trap bond wall, brick arches and filler slab
(ii) Filler slab in roof
(C) Waste Recycle / Circular Economy
(i) Composting
(ii) Greywater resuse
(iii) Recycling
(D) Connectivity
They include the wireless technologies of - TV White Space; RF including Wi-Fi hotspots; C-Band/VSAT/Satellite; etc
(E) Agriculture
- vitamin A-enriched golden rice,
- rice which are resistant to flooding.
- drought-tolerant cereal
(F) Biotechnology / bioeconomy
Biofuel production is a solution that facilitates the use of biotechnology for environmental purposes.
For cleaning oil-contaminated environments the use of microorganisms is called bioremediation, and it employs bacteria or fungi to decontaminate waste water from cities.
New materials such as biomaterials used to “store” carbon dioxide, can help to reduce the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Disclaimer: There is no set rule for organizing the constituents of the Main Body of an essay and the flow of the essay, they depend upon your knowledge and writing style.

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Karan singh
Thank you sir for these good explanation.
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very useful
Jul 10, 2019 03:35 AM
Does technology mean merely scientific application or it may include more comprehensive measures like govt. programs,social ethos,traditions,and determination of world forums?. Please Guide.
Sep 09, 2019 08:17 PM