Alcohol ban making Bihar land of milk and honey


Jun 2018

The alcohol ban imposed in 2016 has turned Bihar into a land of milk and honey, and helped reduce crime rates. Two early studies commissioned by the state government seem to suggest so.
A study by the Development Management Institute (DMI), Patna showed a 17.5% increase in the purchase of milk products in 2016-17 compared with a year before.
For widely consumed milk products such as flavoured milk, Sudha special lassi and plain dahi, the increase was even higher. The total consumption of milk and milk products would be even higher if one were to include sales by private players.
Sale of honey grew 380% while cheese rose 200%. The study also seems to indicate that drinkers have diverted their diverted their alcohol spends to consumer goods.
For example sale of expensive sarees rose 1,715%, expensive dress material rose 910%, and processed food grew 46%.

29% rise in Bihar entertainment tax collection

There has been an increase of 29% in the collection of entertainment tax since prohibition was imposed in Bihar, according to a study commissioned by the state government.

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